sirios sport

sirios sport

Wordpress 5 | CSS 3


Sirios sport is a company that is responsible for the management and organization of activities related to sport, physical activity and human well-being in general.

Context & Challenge

This project was created to satisfy the need of this company to promote its sports activities online, since group classes and group activities were not possible due to the pandemic.

Process & Insight

The study of the needs was carried out by looking at the web pages of the competition in its market, I could see from this that the connections with social networks and multimedia content were what most attracted its end user, which are active young people.


The entire navigation structure and user interface was created on a single page, showing the most important content linked to external sites such as YouTube and integrating photo galleries from Instagram

graphic design

The design was created using the colors of his graphic line and complementing it with images of people exercising as well as textures and background patterns. All of this with content readability and user experience in mind.

Web Development

The website was created with Wordpress that is based on PHP and MySQL, since the client already knew this CMS and could manage the content more easily since there is no need to know programming and it is highly integrated with social networks


Well designed and functional website.
Easy to use.
Optimized for mobile devices.
Fresh and quality content.
Contact and location easily accessible.
Clear calls to action.
Optimized for search and the social web.



The typography used in the titles was selected for its high legibility and presence in the company logo.

Color Palette

The dark gray for the background creates great readability for the texts in white and yellow that are the colors of the graphic line.
  • #231f20
  • #fff200
  • #32373c