Home Decor JSC

Home Decor JSC

Wordpress 5 | Bootstrap 3


It is a company specialized in the decoration of spaces and installation of 3rd Generation SPC Vinyl Flooring, which is an idea to be installed anywhere in your home, either; bathrooms, kitchens, walls, terraces and / or balconies.


Context & Challenge

This company was in need to promote its previous work and services online because of the sudden close of their physical business cause of covid restrictions

Process & Insight

The website was pretty straightforward, a showcase of services and products.


The structure of the website was a single page scroll-able navigation that shows all the content in the front page.

graphic design

The graphic design was directly related to the use of patterns because of the relation of this with the wallpaper ised by the company in their projects, also, the images are used full screen showing the results of their work.

Web Development

The website was build in Wordpress because it easier for the content editors to learn and it allowed me to create it in the amount of time the company had available.


The result was a well Designed and Functional Website.

Easy to Use.
Optimized for Mobile.
Fresh, Quality Content.
Readily accessible contact and location.
Clear calls to action.
Optimized for Search and the Social Web.


Passion One

Passion One is a set of 3 display fonts aimed to composing titles in big sizes.

Color Palette

The colors were selected from the branding guidelines and evoke the concept of design and calm the company wanted to express.
  • #00bdd1
  • #24292e
  • #2b2b2b